Founder & Visionary
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Matt Krishnamachari

The Visionary

Matt is the dreamer behind what is known today as Purple Lotus. He began Purple Lotus back in 2010 with only an investment of $10,000, and has overseen its accelerated growth to $22M revenue today. Matt’s vision, leadership, and entrepreneurial eye has been the driving force behind the robust success of Purple Lotus. With the reputation of Purple Lotus, Matt has ingratiated himself into the greater cannabis community. A keen philanthropist, Matt partners with cannabis and non-cannabis nonprofits to spread the healing of Purple Lotus to all. Prior to establishing Purple Lotus, Matt served as COO for ATI Group. Their focus was on M&A transactions of governmental renewable energy contracts.

Selected relevant experience:

• Key strategist in $22 million ( and growing ) per year operation

• Established effective marketing strategy to retain target audience

• Achieved over 30% customer retention rates through sales initiatives

• Created 3 key in house brands supporting over 30% of total sales

• Developed sales strategy resulting in revenues of $22+ million annually

• Executed over $1 million USD in renewable energy contracts

• Experience in strategic analysis and corporate structuring

Years of Experience
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Purple Lotus Patient Center

San Jose's #1 Cannabis Dispensary

January 1, 2010

Founding of Purple Lotus

From the beginning, the Purple Lotus has always been a community center in the City of San Jose, placing customers' best interests first and foremost. Humble beginnings with 10 employees was the Lotus way of starting a small family in San Jose, the Lotus Family. From the first 10-20 patients a day, and a modest staff, to the 120 team members currently in-house and 1000+ faces we get to see walk through our doors daily, Purple Lotus has always been dedicatedly focused on providing quality product and customer service while remaining committed to the community.

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